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Pelenia DAO is a grassroots network of creatives harnessing Defi, NFTs, and their dreams to change the way we tell stories and build community.

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We chase dreams.

And we chase them together.

Pelenia is a return to
authentic storytelling.

It's FUN. No financial investment required.

Storytelling wasn’t always dominated by big tech & media conglomerates, or even the profits that motivate YouTubers now. Governed by its members, Pelenia DAO inspires a new generation of content creation: members submit their proposals to get paid, get feedback on storylines, share IP, and work together.

Pelenia DAO gets people together to make things happen.

Anyone can generate value on Pelenia. Rewards are distributed to all qualifying contributors. Collaborate within Pelenia to move forward with a project regardless experience, budget, or skill.

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Storytelling Guide

Our free interactive primer on storytelling teaches you how to explore your idea and tell your project's story. Save your progress to use later and collaborate with others.

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Story Slots

Let your audience decide! Storytellers share options for what happens next, and participants place wagers on their favorite option. All participants are rewarded.

Coming Soon!

Soon, our reputation system will be available for creative communities to organize themselves amongst projects. For now, see our three tiers of DAO membership.

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Pelenia's system of reputation is meant to work with PFTs, which unite audience and creator into a community and creates unique short and long-term incentives.

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Strengthen credibility with reputation insignias.

An insignia is a non-transferrable, consensual wallet token that represents experience with a creator network. They can be acquired in various ways.

Through interwoven webs of trust made possible with blockchain technology, communities can use insignias to partner and cross-pollinate audience members.

Pelenia received a ZilHive grant to develop our base reputation architecture.

Community-building tokenization with PFTs.

A PFT is a Project Fun Token represented by either insignias, NFTs, or standard crypto tokens. As a creator, you can offer PFTs of your project to incentivize gig workers, patrons or collaborators that want to be a part of the process.

Or you can use them as raffle tickets, rewards vehicles for liquidity provision, NFT giveaways, or placeholders for receiving a badge after a successful production.

Enter the PLVRS! will be the network's first official PFT set. Stay tuned!

Creativity-powered, NFT-friendly, and metaversal.

There are no limits in the open-source Peleverse (PLVRS) of ideas. Using its PFT, connect with other artists or NFT holders and use Pelenia DAO intellectual property to expand into new territory and generate new value streams.

Powered by the Zilliqa blockchain, Pelenia smart contracts act as registries to validate the authenticity of digital assets for audiences & community (including reputation).

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Pelenia Projects

Here are the various projects the Pelenia DAO members are working on to creatively enrich the world.

Enter the PLVRS (Pele-verse) is our foundational NFT set and animated project. It is a metaversal and multidimensional commentary on the struggle for decentralization, especially in the tech realm.

Spirals is a virtual administration, design and content creation agency promoting autonomous content platforms for creators and educators.

New School Reform is a program offering hope to would-be delinquents and potential criminals by providing a more constructive and developed way of learning.

Perceptions.Live organizes content on a map and feed tailored just for you. It makes it easy for your community members to login and submit links to their content. Post marketplace listings, photo galleries, blog posts, or just about anything else.

P Tokenomics

We use a ZRC-2 token to incentivize and unify our community to play together.

White Paper


$PELE keeps the Pelenia DAO connected and is one of several mechanisms for proving participation. There is a hard cap of 420,000,069 $PELE in existence, which is being distributed as follows:

25% for bootstrapping the beta phase.

25% as rewards for early community members (including LP & staking).

25% reserved for Proof-of-Participation story mining (starting with Story Slots).

25% reserved for DAO treasury.

See our white paper to learn about how we plan to de-centrally manage Pelenia and build a global organization that puts people & creation over profits & attention.

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Content creation just got worth it.

Wouldn't you rather your content generated value for yourself and your friends instead of for shareholders of big corporations?

Yeah, us too.

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